Friday, June 22, 2012

Sweetwater Streakhouse - Oakhurst, CA

Rib Eye w/ Baked Potato & Spinach

You get what you are paying for, would be the best way to describe this place.  

$24 for a Rib Eye and baked potato + $2 for the spinach.  The Rib Eye steak was what I expected - a VONS quality steak, kind of tough and honestly, I could not even recognize this as a Rib Eye.  The "baked" potato was gray inside and luke-warm at best. The salad seemed a pre-washed, never washed again salad with wilted and discolored leaves in them and the ever so uninspired shredded cheddar out of a bag on top - leaving a faint taste and the slightly burning sensation of pesticides in my mouth. 

The all hailed chicken artichoke was nothing to write home about either. The sauce was very good, covering up a (again) VONS-Quality mass-produced tasteless chicken breast.

My son liked the chicken sandwich and his friend found the hot wings to be o.k.

The tomato cream soup was tasty, but a bit too much cream for my taste.

The spinach was excellent!
Bottom-line: I rather pay $75/ person in a good steak house and enjoy the meal, than $20/person and write a review like this. I am even too lazy to rotate the picture for this - never again - experience.

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